Guys are clueless. Seriously, how do they not pick up on simple "I'm diggin' you" clues? Turns out, this even happens to celebrities.

Nicole Kidman was recently on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and they had two totally different versions of how they first met. He thought they were meeting to discuss a movie, she was interested in him. His face when she tells him this, is priceless. I've laughed for 30 minutes straight. Bless his heart, haha!

Hilarious, right?!? We've all been there. I'm remembering a guy I met in late August in Nashville. My pride was bruised when I told myself he just wasn't interested in me. Now, I'm gonna lie to myself and just pretend like he just didn't know I was interested in him, ha! Self-preservation y'all.. Don't judge me, ha!

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