Kentucky very successfully navigated the SEC Tournament without forward Jarred Vanderbilt, who sprained his ankle last week.

Double digit wins over Georgia and NCAA Tournament-bound Alabama followed by an impressive victory over current NCAA 3-seed Tennessee in the conference tourney final might have led some to forget Vanderbilt WASN'T playing.

That won't be the case should he miss the the Big Dance opening weekend, which begins for Kentucky this Thursday evening against Davidson and, with a win there, would continue with a likely game against Arizona, a team I've believed all season was destined for the Final Four.


Yes, Arizona, based on the season's results, deserved a 4 seed, but, in terms of talent and how they're playing now, they are UNDERseeded.

But according to SBNation, John Calipari "doesn't see it right now," with regards to JV being on the floor Thursday.

That could be a HUGE difference for the 'Cats in a couple of days when they face the 'Cats and then possibly face the 'Cats on Saturday.

If Kentucky does beat Davidson, Arizona's gigantic Deandre Ayton--all 7 feet and 280 pounds of him--would be that much more of a handful for Kentucky's Wildcats.

UK and Calipari are taking it day by day. We'll see what happens.


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