UK basketball coach John Calipari has faced questions over and over again about whether he would leave the most storied program in NCAA history and maybe jump back into the NBA. Well, he's not. The decision has been made. 

It was announced Thursday Coach Cal has signed a 10-year contract worth $86 million and he will, therefore, finish his coaching career with the Cats.

He took to Twitter to have his say.

He also has the option to step down after six years, in 2025, and become a special assistant athletic director or university representative. Calipari would still earn nearly a million a year. And for each year his team meets the Academic Progress Rate threshold of 975, he'll receive an additional $50,000.

Calipari has one national championship (2012), four Final Fours, and 26 NBA first-round draft picks in 10 years at UK.

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