One thing we've needed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic back in March is a glossary.

"Social distancing," "contact tracing," and what will likely be many others could fill one up.

"Bubble" is another one, as in the group of people you hang with predominantly as the contagion drags on. Your family or an NBA team are good examples.

What about NCAA teams?

We saw last week that the Big 10 and the PAC12 have postponed their football seasons--in addition to all other fall sports--and that got all us college hoops fans wondering about the upcoming basketball season which usually begins in November.

And, naturally, talk of college basketball always turns one's attention toward the NCAA Tournament in March and April.

That came up in a recent conversation with John Calipari on ESPN's The Intersection:

The model for this possibility would be the NBA and the WNBA. Both leagues have been operating in the COVID bubble, with players only being around other players. And, so far, there have been no reports of positive tests within those bubbles.

According to ESPN, NCAA president Mark Emmert agrees that incorporating bubbles for championships is "perfectly viable."

So we'll see.

From Cal's lips to Emmert's ears.

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