This is really fun, Ya'll!  Ange Humphrey and Ron Rhodes showed up on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Sunday night.  To celebrate the first full week of Fall, John had a compilation segment called "Local News Anchors Announce the Changing of the Seasons the Only Way They Know How."  That segment featured a variety of news anchors and meteorologists from around the country announcing that "It's Fall, Ya'll."

Take a look!  Ange and Ron show up very early in the highlight package.  This is awesome.

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The clip from Eyewitness News was from Local Lifestyles, which airs each weekday at 11am on WEHT.  Ange Humphrey hosts the show and Ron serves as her cohost/weather guy.  In the clip, Ange proudly proclaims, "It is Fall, Ya'll!"

Ange's husband, George, saw the clip and shared it on social media Monday.  As Meghan Muravez said, "Ange's ya'll is definitely the most natural of the bunch."

Tamara Wendell agrees.  She commented, "Way to go, Ange! I love your drawwwwl!"

And Tim Black, who serves as General Manager for WNIN Evansville (he knows talent when he sees it), proclaimed, "Ange said it best!"

Now, will she and Ron be making additional appearances on Last Week Tonight? That was the question posed by her friend Susan Mellott.  She asked, "Was this a one time thing or will she be there for more shows?"

According to Ange's husband, it appears they may be one and done.  George answered, "Susan, just a one-timer."  But, heck!  This one-timer certainly made the most of her appearance, didn't she?

Say it with her, People!  It's Fall, Ya'll!



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