Hey guys and gals!  Chad here!  If you haven't already, sign up for THE BKR BUNCH!  Today's the first official day you can earn valuable points by listening to WBKR and playing around at WBKR.com!  Starting today, there are four daily contests that allow you to earn points.

The WBKR SONG OF THE DAY!  Each morning at 6:05, Moon and I will spin the "Song of the Day!"  You can earn 2500 points each day, by simply going to WBKR.com, finding the SONG OF THE DAY icon, and entering the name of the song!  Quick, easy and fun!

THE KAT'S MEOW-  Each weekday morning, you can earn an additional 2500 points by tuning into Nashville Kat around 7:40am!  Just tune in an see what the Kat's Meowing about, then go to WBKR.com and enter the correct answer!  Again, quick, easy, fun!

Then, tune into Jaclyn each morning from 9a-2p!  She'll have your chance to win on-air and online with THE MIDDAY MASHUP!  She'll smash three songs together and you just have to figure out which ones they are!  On-air winners should call 926-WBKR or 1-800-844-WBKR!  If you don't win on the air, don't worry!  You can still earn 2500 points by the getting the answer correct online!

I think my personal favorite new feature is DAVE SPENCER'S HIGH FIVE!  It's your chance to help build our new daily countdown!  Every single day you can log into The BKR Bunch (under "surveys") and enter your favorite song!  You earn 2500 points just for doing it and you get the opportnity to be a part of the HIGH FIVE, our version of a Top 5 at 5, heard each weekday at 5pm right here on The Country Station!

And, THIS WEEK ONLY, be sure to check out THE BRK BUNCH Contest page!  You can enter our Brad Paisley Front Row tx and Meet and Greet Passes Giveaway!  And, you can buy additional entries by using points you've earned!  Super cool!  Super fun!  And a super prize!  Moon and I will announce the winner on Monday, January 17th!

We are pretty pumped up about our new site and we think you guys are gonna LOVE IT!!  Remember, you have to join THE BKR BUNCH to win.  If you were a member of our former Loyal Listener Club, you will still need to join the new club.  The sooner you do it, the quicker you can WIN!! 

As always, thanks for listening and welcome to THE BKR BUNCH!!

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