Here's a total blast from your microwaved past! Over the weekend I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed that my friend David Martin shared a post from Dinosaur Dracula. That post contained an image of Micro Magic Microwave French Fries. Do you remember those?

Here! Maybe this will help.

Micro Magic French Fries were the "fries that were made to be microwaved." As you saw in the commercial, they claimed to come out "golden brown" and have an authentic "deep-fried taste."  I suppose the biggest selling point was that they were packaged as single-servings you could zap in the microwave for a quick, filling snack.

Dinosaur Dracula's post about Micro Magic was hilarious.

I'd sell my soul for a box of Micro Magic French fries right about now. Half overcooked, half undercooked, oily, powdery, yet somehow still addictively delicious.

My friend David shared the post because he agrees. He echoed the salty sentiments. "I loved Micro Magic Fries back in the day!"

Not only did Micro Magic make French fries, they also mass produced the Microwave Cheeseburger. I have to be honest. While I remember eating the crap out of the French fries, I don't remember the hamburgers at all. Of course, nothing about microwaved meat appeals to me, so it's possible that I completely blocked it out from my consciousness.

In case you need a reminder too, here's a look back at a commercial for them. I'll give it to the paid actor here. He really sells it. But, to me, when he says, "Now that's a real cheeseburger" at :12 second mark, it sounds like he wants to throw it up.

Do you have fond (or not so fond) memories of eating Micro Magic fries and cheeseburgers?

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