The seeds have been sown. After performing a unique version of Bill Withers' 'Ain't No Sunshine' at the 'Grammy Nominations Concert Live!!' on Dec. 6, Keith Urban and Miguel are both extremely keen on working together again, beyond that one-off.

"I loved playing with Miguel tonight -- it was really, really cool getting to do that with him. I hope we get to do something else," Urban said after the show.

Collaborations at the actual Grammys and its ancillary events, like the nominations concert, often lead to artists further working together, and such sounds like the case for Urban and Miguel. The duo made for a different, but incredibly powerful pairing, exhibiting electrifying chemistry onstage.

The R&B crooner was equally as stoked about working with Urban and flat out asked for a reprise, saying, "Keith is honestly, hands-down, probably the coolest guy I've got to work with, especially on a collaborative. Keith can we make some music? This is the official request and I'm doing it on television.'"

There is no way Urban can reject that pitch!

Urban explains that he and Miguel methodically chose to keep their cover of the popular song straightforward.

"We purposefully tried to take it to a slightly minimal place," the singer/guitarist shared. "And it's tricky because it's a song that been covered a gazillion times by everybody, and we just tried to make it our own tonight."

Mission accomplished. We can't wait to see what these two amazingly talented artists from different genres do next. Make it happen, guys!

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