Last night I watched Kelsea Ballerini perform and accept an award at the CMT Artist of the Year event and she rocked it. It broke my heart when I learned that just the day before she had lost her Grandad who she was so close to. She remembered him when she took the stage to accept her award.  “My granddad passed away this afternoon,” she said at the end of her acceptance speech. “So this is for you.” The story doesn't end there as more sad news just happened moments ago.

Kelsea just made this sad post to her Instagram account. It could be a country song.

“Grandma joined grandad in heaven this morning. Married 62 years and only lived without each other 39 hours. That's the kind of love we can all only pray to find and keep. Bittersweet few days losing them both, but smiling knowing they are together continuing their love story. Again, thank you for the thoughts and prayers to my family. Especially my daddy.”

My Mom and Dad passed away 8 months apart just shy of being married 50 years together and I took great comfort in knowing that they were together smiling and dancing for that anniversary milestone!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.

kelseaballerini via Instagram
kelseaballerini via Instagram

Here she was last night performing her big hit "Peter Pan".



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