Ken Jennings was recently named the Greatest Of All Time on that Jeopardy! special last month that pitted him against other big time champs, James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

Well, part of why Ken Jennings has amassed as much money as he has (and it's admittedly a small part) is because he once answered a question about OWENSBORO.

It was September 13th, 2004 and Jennings was on the roll that made him a Jeopardy! legend. It was the Double Jeopardy round and one of the categories was called Famous Kentuckians.

It was the $400 answer:

"This movie heartthrob isn't "From Hell" or from "Sleepy Hollow"; he's from Owensboro, Ky."

Question: "Who is Johnny Depp?"

The website recreates the board and when you hover over the dollar amount, the answer the contestant who answered it is revealed.

So, yes, Ken Jennings knows a little more about Owensboro than he did prior to September of 2004. (But does he remember it?)

Oh, by the way, Owensboro reappeared six later. In fact, it's been almost exactly 10 years since our fair city's most recent mention on the popular game show.

Once again, the category was about Kentucky--Kentucky Is Just Ducky. And, once again, it was in the Double Jeopardy round. (Kentucky must be really difficult.)

The $800 answer was: "Reflecting the state nickname, the International Museum for this genre of music is in Owensboro."

Of course, the correct question is: "What is bluegrass?"

I think it's high time for Owensboro to make another Jeopardy! appearance.

The category could be Westerns That Weren't Western and the answer could be:

"This film comedy legend and frequent co-star of Jack Lemmon made his film debut in the drama 'The Kentuckian' which was partly filmed in Owensboro."

Question: "Who is Walter Matthau?"

We're still here, Jeopardy!

We're still here.


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