When the new President took office, my friends and family were concerned about how it would affect gun ownership. Gun dealers are even more concerned because it's how they make a living. WalletHub reported this morning that Kentucky is ranked the 6th Most Dependent State on the Gun Industry so there's reason to be concerned indeed.

I grew up in a family of responsible gun owners. My Dad taught my sister and I about gun safety and how to shoot in our early teens. It was something we could do together and bond. I cherished those times because he worked so much. I can't even imagine if gun restrictions would have made those memories impossible.

With gun sales down we’re all left to wonder what the future holds under new leadership in the White House. Especially, for Kentuckians who depend on the gun industry in such a big way.

WalletHub.com broke down the statistics and one thing great to see is that we're 14th in the nation for gun ownership, BUT 1st in NICS background checks per capita. The hope after seeing the results is that guns are falling into the right hands who understand the responsibility of gun ownership!

WalletHub’s analysts took an in-depth look at data and here’s where Kentucky landed in many different categories.

Kentucky’s Dependence on the Gun Industry (1=Most Dependent; 25=Avg.)

  • 14th – Gun Ownership Rate
  • 27th – Avg. Firearms-Industry Wages & Benefits
  • 30th – Total Firearms-Industry Output per Capita
  • 1st – NICS Background Checks per Capita
  • 25th – Gun-Control Contributions to Congressional Members per Capita
  • 7th – Gun-Rights Contributions to Congressional Members per Capita

Head to WallHub.com where you can talk to the experts, see where other states are on the list or you can get more info!


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