Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and U.S. Attorney Rob Duncan are warning Kentuckians of a potential scam related to unsolicited foreign packages.

The unsolicited packages from foreign countries may contain PPE such as masks or face shields. This is known as a brushing scam similar to the unsolicited seed packets in the news the past few weeks.

The scam involved third party sellers in their attempts to gain five-star reviews for their products. Companies who use this scam send inexpensive items to the homes of U.S. residents then write a review using the resident's name and home address.

If you or someone you know has received an unsolicited PPE package, please report it to the Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection by calling 1-888-432-9257 or by completing a scam form HERE. AG Cameron also says to make a report to the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security's Intelligence Fusion Center by calling 1-866-393-6659.

Cameron said if you do receive the unsolicited PPE, do not use it because the quality and origin of the items cannot be verified.

One important tip to remember if you fall victim to any scam, make sure to change your passwords on all e-commerce sites.

And by the way, the unsolicited seeds should be reported to the Kentucky Department Agriculture, not the Office of Consumer Protection.

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