With supermarkets and, really, any retail establishment that sells the kinds of necessities we desperately need in trying times, price gouging becomes an unfortunate reality.

But we don't have to put up with it and Kentucky's attorney general Daniel Cameron feels the same way.

That's why there's a special hotline we can use to report such behavior.

If you feel a retail item is outrageously overpriced, you can can call 1-888-432-9257.

WCHS-Charleston quoted Cameron as defining price gouging as "grossly in excess of what you were paying prior to the declaration order."

The Tennessee attorney general recently cracked down on a price gouging scheme implemented by two brothers who'd driven some 1,300 miles through Kentucky and Tennessee purchasing bottles of hand sanitizer in order to sell them for outrageously higher prices than what we'd normally have to pay.

Those bottles have since been donated to a church and some will head back to Kentucky.

Attorneys general will apparently not be tolerating anyone trying to take advantage of the American people during a time of crisis.

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