Despite most of our monetary transactions being done digitally thanks to the rise in popularity of online banking and online shopping, tangible, paper money still holds an important place in our economy. While there has been and continues to be a rise in people using modern technology to try and hack our accounts to get to our hard-earned dollars, there are still others who are taking the old-fashioned route of passing counterfeit money off as authentic to purchase products and services (technically, "stealing"). Sometimes, the fake bills are so well done, that it's impossible for the average person like you or me to realize they're not real. Others are really close but feature a distinguishing mark telling you it's a fake, But, even in those cases, if you're not looking closely, you probably wouldn't notice it. Fortunately, for one western Kentucky business owner, he caught a fake $5 bill recently a customer unknowingly tried to use to make a purchase.

Henderson, KY Business Owner Spots Fake $5 Bill

Josh Bennett is the owner of Chef What BBQ & More in Henderson and was recently given the $5 bill below by a customer attempting to pay for the food they ordered. Unbeknownst to the customer, despite its overall appearance looking very much like a standard $5 bill, it wasn't real. Luckily, Josh noticed the difference and pointed it out to his customer before the transaction was completed. Take a look and see if you can find what makes this particular bill a fake.

Josh Bennett via Facebook
Josh Bennett via Facebook

Do you see it? Look along the top and on the upper right-hand side. It says "Movie Picture Use" and "Movie Prop Use Only." As it turns out, Josh isn't the only person who has noticed these bills in the Henderson area. After posting the photo above on his Facebook page, a few of his friends commented they had found some as well, usually after receiving it as change from another business.

The tricky thing about counterfeiting is that by the time the money begins to circulate, it's often hard to determine where it originated from, and chances are the individuals who initially passed it off as real money are long gone. I messaged the Henderson Police Department on Facebook to see if they had received any reports from other residents who have also found themselves in possession of the fake money but had not yet received a response as of this writing. If I hear back from them, I'll update this article with their response.

In the meantime, if you come across one of these bills, I would suggest reporting it to the Police so they can investigate.

[Source: Josh Bennett on Facebook]

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