Owensboro's infamous IGA cake maker is back at doing what she does best and that's making deliciously designed cakes.  This time she is baking up some Christmas magic.


We introduced you all to Molly back in October when her cake decorating skills went VIRAL on Facebook.  She posted a few of her designs and everyone loved them.  We contacted her and asked if we could share her talents with the world.  Here's a little bit of Molly's story;

I became a cake decorator through less than conventional means. I started work at a typical chain grocery store in the Deli/ bakery as a deli clerk. I remember seeing a lady making the most beautiful icing roses and I was fascinated. I went over and said, "wow that is so pretty could you teach me how to make one?" she looked at me with disgust and told me. "I'm not showing you *@#& get back over to your side girl," I remember walking back over to the deli angry at how rude she was for no reason.


Instead of being hateful back, Molly decided she would get sweet revenge by watching YouTube videos and learning how to decorate cakes herself.  She did just that and in no time she was working the bakery.  She recently moved to Owensboro and found her place at our local IGA on 25th street where she has a knack for churning out the most amazing edible art.

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Her Halloween designs were incredible but her Christmas cakes are a true present.  Molly told me she wants to do all the Misfit toys if she can find the time and she has been making a lot of Christmas movie-themed cakes.  She wants people to remember the old Christmas she remembers as a child.  She sent us some photos and they are awesome!

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Owensboro's infamous IGA cake maker is back at doing what she does best and that's making deliciously designed cakes. This time she is baking up some Christmas magic.

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Owensboro IGA Bakery employee is getting some major attention for her awesome cake decorating skills.
Molly Robinson recently moved to Owensboro from Louisville where she worked for another grocery chain as a cake decorator. We couldn't be more excited that she brought her talents to our community because she is incredibly talented and the most amazing part she's self-taught.


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