If you've ever headed west into Lexington on U.S. 60, you have, more than likely, looked to your left to see the Kentucky Castle. You almost can't help it.

The Kentucky Castle Has Been Sold

I've done that for years, but I have never been inside, and I'd like to correct that. At present, I will hold off until I see what the plans are for the castle. The property has been sold for $19 million, and although it currently functions successfully as a luxury hotel, Wes Henderson--the CEO of TKC Hospitality, the company that just bought it--has not yet revealed plans for the Kentucky Castle's future.

While Henderson is currently keeping mum about specifics, LEX18-Lexington did share a press release from TKC Hospitality that features sort of a broad view of the castle's future:

<span class="a">Looking to the future, we will be collaborating with our neighbors in Pisgah, local businesses, </span><span class="a">schools, and the entire community, to maintain and grow the deep roots and legacy of this </span><span class="a">historic destination. The existing TKC team will continue in their roles to provide the same high </span><span class="a">standards of excellence to each guest and visitor.</span>

The History of the Kentucky Castle

After a European honeymoon, Rex and Caroline Martin--inspired by their trip--commissioned the construction of the castle in 1969. But the Martins would later divorce in 1975, and the project ground to a halt. In fact, it was ABANDONED for nearly 30 years until Rex Martin's death in 2003. That's when the property was sold to a Miami lawyer who immediately began renovating it. But a fire in 2004 put a hold on the renovation, which was ultimately completed in 2007.

A Virtual Tour of the Kentucky Castle

If you're like me and you've never visited, join me on a virtual tour courtesy of YouTuber Ken Heron:

While the new owner won't go deep about what he plans for the castle's future, I can't imagine there will be many drastic changes. It's a unique hotel, a unique restaurant, and a unique spa. I've never seen anything like it, and the traffic is substantial.

But you know what? It's clear from studying its history that the Kentucky Castle is pretty good and handling change. That should comfort every single one of its fans.

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