Brandon Pate officially joined the Owensboro Fire Department in January. But that's not the only milestone he's celebrating this year. Over the weekend, Brandon and his wife Ashlie shared some 'explosive' news with their friends and family. The couple are expecting their very first child and staged a 'fiery' gender reveal to share the news.

Ashlie's dad is Stuart Snow. Stuart is Daviess County, Kentucky-based fireworks and pyrotechnics expert. Stuart's known for staging incredible fireworks shows for the 4th of July and other special events at various municipalities here in western Kentucky. After the gender reveal over the weekend, he's likely going to have a new highlight on his career resume.

To prepare for Brandon and Ashlie's reveal, Stuart found some Fire Extinguisher Colored Smoke Canisters. He also had some old fireman's gear.

Stuart Snow
Stuart Snow

So, he outfitted Brandon and Ashlie in that gear and engineered a gigantic explosion- a wall of fire behind them for the perfect photo and video.

Stuart says, "It was so fun! It worked out great except for the fact that the wind blew in the wrong direction."

Check out the video!

As you can see, IT'S A GIRL! That proverbial bun in the oven will be Ashlie and Brandon's first child. It's also Stuart's first grandbaby. He admits, "I'm pumped!" He adds, "This the coolest gender reveal I have done so far. For my daughter, so I had to step it up!"

Well, I think it's safe to say it was a mission accomplished.

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