The Hemingway Family from Owensboro wanted a way to share the adventures of their family corgi with the rest of the world so they decided to give Ivy Blue her own Instagram page and we love it.


Sara Hemingway, Ivy's human, told me they have had a number of pups in their lifetime but Ivy has to be the most social and fun.  She loves to take her daily walks and drives in the car.  And she is quite the neighborhood social butterfly as she has friends on each block of her walk.  She likes to think of this commoners as adoring fans as she expects to be greeted by at least one friend (both human and animal) who comes out to pet her, sniff her or give her a belly rub.  Her hobbies include; walks, hiking at Rudy Mines, taking a drive for a free pup cup at Dairy Queen, exercise (chasing squirrels) she has to keep her girlish round figure, and hanging by her back gate waiting for friends to come visit and looking completely adorable as she wags her tail in anticipation of being admired.  Many folks stop by to say hi and give her a scratch behind the ears as they are taking their own daily stroll.


Ivy Blue is very active in the community of Owensboro as she prides herself on attending numerous events throughout the year such as; ROMP, the Symphony Stroll, Yappy Hour at the Botanical Garden, and lots of ballgames.  She had plans of organizing her own float for this years' Christmas Parade titled "Merry Corgmas" but she wasn't ready in time.

According to Sara, Ivy Blue has major 2022 goals;

Her plans for 2022 include starting a Corgi Club "Corgis of the Owensboro Region Group Inc.  Goals will be play dates, service projects, and asking Ellis Park to conduct Corgi races.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for a Corgi Christmas float in 2022!

Dare we forget Ivy Blue was also awarded Best Trick at Gone To The Dogs at the Owensboro Parks & Recreation event a few years ago.  She is very talented.

Angel here and the first time I met Ivy Blue I was dropping something off to the Hemingway's.  I walked up the driveway and there she sat, tail wagging, anxiously wanting me to acknowledge her.  I said "hello there" and you would have thought she had won the lottery.  She let out a yelp as if to say "Hi Friend" and I messaged Sara to find out more about her.  Sara said "she has her own Insta page" and I was dying.

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The family wanted a way to share Ivy Blue with their friends and family so they decided why not give her an insta.  They found out quickly that Corgi insta pages are a thing all over the world.  Ivy Blue now has friends she follows all over the world locally and internationally.

You have to meet Ivy Blue for yourself.  Check out her Insta page @Ivybluehemingway follow her for lots of furry fun.

Does your pet have their own social media page?

We had a chance to talk with Sara, Ivy Blue's human on the morning show:

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The Hemingway Family from Owensboro wanted a way to share the adventures of their family corgi with the rest of the world so they decided to give Ivy Blue her own Insta page and we love it.

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