Huh? My thoughts when I saw this story. I've never even tried it. I think of that scene in Big when Tom Hanks tries the beluga and an insane moment of physical comedy ensues as he gags and spits it out. Well, as it turns out, caviar is a big business in western Kentucky. 

In fact, Grand Rivers (yes, home to Patti's) is where the caviar scene is happening. Lake City Fish Market is where owner Dave Fields harvests several types as seen in this report from NBC News.

Top chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, and Louisville's Edward Lee are all fans of wild caught caviar.

Lake City exports 10,000 pounds of caviar per year to all major markets. We're talking New York, LA, Miami, it's happening.

Shovelnose sturgeon and paddlefish pulled from public waterways like the Ohio
River, Lake Barkley, Kentucky Lake are the fish that are caviar-rich.

What will they think of next?

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