If package thieves steal off your porch, it's now a felony in Kentucky. Senate Bill 23, would allow porch pirates to be charged with felony theft and face up to five years in prison. Have you ever had a package stolen off your porch?


Many Kentuckians have had a delivered package stolen from their porch. I've been lucky and have never been the victim of a porch pirate. I do often wonder if package thieves ever get caught. According to a study by Security.org, nationally, 49 million Americans have had at least one package stolen in the past 12 months, with the median value of stolen merchandise at $50. The problem continues to get worse, so states all over the country have passed laws to help combat the issue.

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I feel bad for the people that order their medications online. I know they would be super upset getting their packages stolen. - India Shanté

I only order my packages when they can guarantee the delivery day when I'm at home. - jason4275

This is why I deliver things to work. That way I personally receive them or someone signs off on it, either way, I get it. - SN


Like many Americans, I've changed the way I have packages delivered to combat porch thieves. These practices have helped me feel confident that I'll receive my purchases.

1. If I'm having my medication shipped, I ship it to my work address. I alert the receptionist so she's aware it's coming.

2. If I'm shipping a package to my home address and won't be there when it's delivered, I'll enlist a family member or neighbor to help.

3. If the package content is expensive, I'll require a signature or request to pick it up at the carrier facility.

4. As soon as I get the tracking number from where I ordered, I start watching the status of the package. It's good to be proactive and get those alerts.

5. We have automatic light timers and motion-censored lights to help protect our packages when it's dark. I plan to install a doorbell ring camera too.


Stealing packages should become a felony. It’s mail, isn’t it? - Karla Mena

Senate Bill 23 Signed Into Law

If you've been a victim of porch theft, there's hope. Governor Andy Beshear signed Senate Bill 23 into law, which makes stealing packages off porches from carriers like UPS, Amazon, and FedEx a felony. The 'Porch Pirate Bill' makes it a felony to steal packages, punishable by up to 5 years behind bars. Even if the value of the package is only $5, the criminal could face one to five years in prison. The new bill is to help combat increasing occurrences of criminals brazenly stealing packages.

A felony for package theft makes sense. Tampering with the mail is already a felony offense, so they are just expanding it to non-USPS delivery services. - Brian Simpson

Creative Tips to Protect Packages

My employer allows us to use their mailing address for packages. It comes right to my mailbox at work. It's easy and convenient. - Darling2021

I live in an apartment complex and when I order stuff, I always have it sent to the Front Management Office or have it sent using Amazon Locker. I've had a few packages left by my front door, but I was always home in time to get them. - Lindsay Hamilton

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