A couple of years ago, we ventured down to Rosine, Kentucky to visit Slick Back BBQ and add it to the Tri-State Bucket List.

The owner, Bryan Wilson, made sure we had all the specialties of the house and they were mighty special, indeed. It's also a general store with all the traditional trappings. It was a great trip.


Well now, Bryan has shared the amazing story of "Pasty Pete," something he originally thought was two sacks of grass corn and ended up being an albino buck. Pete wandered onto his property in Ohio County a couple of years ago, and Bryan actually tried to get him to leave, but he wouldn't. And boy, has he grown--from a 3-point buck a year ago to what you're seeing today.

And, by the way, when I say that Pete, who can't see very well, would not leave, I'm not kidding. Bryan says he always stays close by--but not too close--and, in fact, it's for reasons of protecting the animal that he hasn't posted anything about him in a year. But since he's such a rare beast that would have a hard time keeping hidden, he DOES need protection. So Bryan and other landowners have banded together to see that that happens.


But sometimes, plans don't always work out as we'd like and Bryan can certainly attest to that fact after recently learning that Pasty Pete had been shot. It's deer season and one WOULD think the worst, but the worst is NOT what came to pass.

Since Bryan and Pete became friends, the buck had become familiar with the sound of Bryan's truck. So Bryan left it running for about a half-hour and, sure enough, Pete eventually wandered back to it, his wound not being life-threatening after all.


Bryan rightly calls it a miracle and what a perfect time of the year for something like that to happen. In fact, Pete's stunning will to live has led to a campaign Bryan is calling "PASS ON PETE."

It is simply an effort to keep Pete safe. And since the now-EIGHT-point buck has become a figure of inspiration, I doubt that will be an issue.

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