Over the last few days, Governor Andy Beshear had indicated he was probably going to extend the mask mandate.

Executive Order 2020-750 mandates a mask or facial covering for 30 days beginning at 5PM, Monday, September 7th. The order requests that masks be worn when social distancing (six feet apart) cannot be maintained--inside stores, restaurants (when not seated and eating or drinking), nail salons, spas, tattoo parlors, beauty salons, barber shops, bars, child care facilities, or health care settings.

Facial coverings will also be needed while waiting for or riding on public transportation or while using cabs or other car services (like Lyft or Uber). Also if you are at an outdoor function and you cannot maintain six feet social distancing, a facial covering will be necessary.

And, naturally, there is a list of those people who will be exempt from wearing the masks.

In the Friday address, Beshear also updated Kentucky's executive order regarding evictions. 2020-751 will uphold the Centers for Disease Control's order that prohibits evictions through December 31st.

Under that CDC directive, "a tenant who signs and submits a declaration to his or her landlord about the inability to timely pay rent cannot be evicted. However, the declaration is required in order to prevent an eviction."

809 new cases of COVID-19 were reported Friday as Kentucky's positivity rate rose slightly to 4.70%. Of the more than 51,000 Kentuckians who have tested positive, there have been 10,587 recoveries.

Here's Governor Beshear's brief address from Friday afternoon regarding Labor Day Weekend:

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