Summer in Kentucky is heating up, and hopefully you and your family are enjoying some fun days swimming to keep cool.

Growing up, my mom took me to Atlantis here in Owensboro every day. I took swim lessons and learned how to swim and dive really early, so I was teeny tiny zipping up and down and all around the "big pool" while she sunbathed. I was a very confident swimmer, so she didn't have reason to worry.

One day as I was diving for rings, a woman rushed over to her in a panic to tell her I was under the water. She could see my bright swimsuit under the water and didn't realize that even though I was so young, I was just fine. My mom appreciated her concern because things can go wrong quickly in swimming pools even for the most proficient of swimmers.

There is one very simple detail that can keep your child safe no matter how good of a swimmer they are. Something that I never even considered until recently. The color of their swimsuit.

Swimsuit Color and Visibility Under Water

Whether swimming in a pool or a natural body of water like a lake or river, there are certain colors that can help you and lifeguards on duty keep track of your kiddo while they're under water.

Based on a test study by swim safety specialists, Alive Solutions, The American Red Cross has suggested parents dress their little swimmers in colors that contrast the color of the water you are swimming in. Patterns can be helpful too, but not as much as choosing bright and bold colors. Colors like yellow, orange, and neon pink were found to be the best when it comes to under water visibility. While black, gray, blue and white blend too well.

Like I mentioned, it is frightening how fast drowning incidents can happen. The American Red Cross names them as the second-leading cause of death for children ages 1-14 with the first being vehicle accidents. Its super important to keep a close watch on kiddos while swimming and their swimwear can be a huge help.

Visit for more advice and ways to stay safe while having fun in the water this summer. Happy swimming!

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