A grim set of statistics was released Wednesday concerning elder abuse protections and the quality of nursing home care in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

No, the news is not good.

According to a survey by Wallet Hub, Kentucky ranks 47th out of 51 in two categories: elder abuse, gross neglect, and exploitation complaints; and nursing home quality.

A collection of experts was asked questions about topics like the most common types of elder abuse, how policymakers can protect the elderly, if caregivers should benefit from from the death of the ones under their care, and how family members can protect the elderly from financial abuse.

Source: WalletHub

Several factors were figured in, putting Kentucky 48th overall in the survey. Only New Jersey, South Carolina, and California are in worse shape.

With the population of those aged 65 and older expected to nearly double by 2050, this is a survey that needs to be placed in front of the right movers and shakers.

This sort of thing simply cannot continue.

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