Debt Management is real for Kentuckians! We have the fourth lowest debt-to-income ratios in the country. This is awesome news.

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Great news for Kentucky residents as announced that we are best at managing our credit card bills, student loan debt, and housing costs.

"Michigan, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri have the highest scores in the U.S., with low debt-to-income ratios: on average, Michigan residents in this dataset spent just 25.3% of their monthly income on credit card, student loan, and housing payments—the lowest percentage in the U.S."

I know how important it is to pay your credit card every month so there's no balance carried over. Interest charges can add up and then it's hard to get caught up. I remember when I was a college student and I had student loans on top of everything else. It can be so overwhelming. It's great to hear that Kentuckians are handling their finances so well.

My home state of Michigan came in at #1 which surprised me. Handling debt is a tough thing to do, but pays off in the end, especially when you head toward retirement age.

It's so important to make a plan to get out of debt, execute that plan and then stick to it! It can be life changing for you and your family!

You can read the entire article HERE.

Here's a look at the overall score in your state.

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