With the sun beating down on what is still a sub-freezing afternoon, our winter wonderland is beginning to soften.

And that could mean those mini-ice floes that have formed on the tops of our vehicles have either started to loosen or have loosened and are awaiting removal in one form or another.

Thing is, if a driver just LETS the motion of the vehicle clear the loose ice off the roof or the hood or wherever, it can become a projectile.

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It's obviously enough of a concern for the Kentucky State Police, since they've issued this warning. And, honestly, I've seen it happen in front of me, although not in this particular winter storm that we've just experienced. Fortunately, I was far enough behind the vehicle in question that I wasn't hit. Of course, THIS motorist does look like there was plenty of distance from the vehicle in front of him:

Pretty scary stuff.

Now, I was out earlier and I did notice that many vehicles are already cleaned off, but some aren't. So just be careful and make sure any loose or loosening ice still on YOUR vehicle has been removed.

And thank you.

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