You will not be hearing tornado sirens on Tuesday morning as planned.  A severe weather threat is causing postponement of the Kentucky statewide tornado drill.

Tornadoes Touch Down Around Dodge City, Kansas Area
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The Kentucky Statewide Tornado Drill will now take place at approximately 9:07am CST on Friday, March 3rd.  Various agencies through the Commonwealth will be participating.  Among them- the National Weather Service, Kentucky Emergency Management, the Kentucky Weather Preparedness Committee, and the Kentucky Broadcasters Association.  Each agency will participate to issue tornado warning TEST messages.

On Friday morning, you may hear outdoor sirens.  Your weather alert radios will activate.  And TV and radio stations (like WBKR) will broadcast the alert.

Such tests are highly important and your participation is encouraged.  According to the National Weather Service:

Tornadoes, large hail, flash flooding and damaging thunderstorm
winds increase in likelihood each spring across our region. In
preparation for those events the NWS in cooperation with its
partners in emergency management, the media and others, conducts
severe weather preparedness campaigns during the late winter each
year. The intent of each campaign is for everyone, whether
individuals or businesses or agencies, to use this time to learn
about severe weather and the associated safety measures.

And, this year, the National Weather Service is asking you to signal your willingness to participate by CLICKING HERE!

Illinois will have its statewide drill at 10am CST on Tuesday, March 7th.  Indiana will host its drills between 9am and 9:30am and 6:30pm and 7pm CST on Tuesday, March 21st.

As you are aware, Kentucky and surrounding states . . . especially this time of year . . . are subject to dramatic shifts in temperature and weather and that weather, often time during the spring, can be severe.

Governor Matt Bevin has declared March 1st through the 7th as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kentucky. I

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