Kentucky Telco Credit Union has informed members it plans to change its name later this year.  Here are the details about why it's happening and when the name change will take place.

Photo by Kevin Bowlds
Photo by Kevin Bowlds

Kentucky Telco was created in 1934 and was initially intended to serve employees of the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company.  Southern Bell, of course, eventually became BellSouth and, then, AT&T.  The name "Telco", naturally, was initially adopted to reflect the credit union's service to employees of the telephone company.  However, since that time, Kentucky Telco has expanded its services to over 800 groups statewide and are open to the communities of Owensboro, Louisville and Lexington.

Kentucky Telco has circulated an informational letter to its members to alert them about the upcoming name change.  While the company's new name has not yet been revealed, Kentucky Telco promises that the new name, logo and launch date will be announced in the very near future.

In the meantime, if members have questions, they are invited to stop by a local branch or call (800) 292-9490.  However, changes will pretty much be limited to name only.  Account numbers, direct deposits and all customer information will remain the same.  And customers will continue to use current checks, debit and ATM cards, etc. until they expire or it's time for a re-order.

Kentucky Telco's Owensboro branch is located on Tamarack Road.


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