One of the North American Professional Basketball league's newest teams has released their home game schedule for 2018.

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The Kentucky Thoroughbreds will open up their home season at the Owensboro Sportscenter on January 12-13 (Friday and Saturday) as they take on the Rochester RazorSharks at 7:00 p.m.

Here's the full home schedule.


12th: KY vs. Rochester (7:00pm)

13th: KY vs. Rochester (7:00pm)

26th: KY vs. Albany (7:00pm)

27th: KY vs. Albany (7:00pm)



14th: KY vs. Kansas City (11:00am / School Day Game)

21st: KY vs. Albany (7:00pm)

23rd: KY vs. Nevada (7:00pm)



14th: KY vs. Ohio (11:00am / School Day Game)

24th: KY vs. Vancouver (7:00pm)

25th: KY vs. Vancouver (2:00pm)

30th: KY vs. Nevada (7:00pm)

31st: KY vs. Nevada (4:00pm)



20th: KY vs. Ohio (7:00pm)

21st: KY vs. Ohio (4:00pm)

27th: KY vs. Kansas City (7:00pm)

28th: KY vs. Kansas City (4:00pm)

The NAPB announced the new team for Owensboro back in September.

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