Give me all the details you got, I say, when it comes to winter storms. I was just out in it on Frederica Street. And while road crews are doing a great job, the winter precipitation keeps falling. So it's still not a walk (or drive?) in the park out on the streets.

But what if you really do have to go long-distance?

A normal 30-minute drive is going to take, maybe, a couple of hours. So you need to know what you need to know RIGHT away.

That's where the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's SnowKY.Ky.Gov comes in.

The site features snow and ice priority maps for each of Kentucky's 120 counties. There's highway district information for each of the Commonwealth's 12 districts.

You'll also find informative videos, vital information about the Safety Assistance for Freeway Emergencies--or SAFE--Patrol.

There's also a link to snow and ice resources. They include information about the types of melting agents the road crews are using, a winter weather preparedness checklist, a list of social media sites for each of Kentucky's districts, tips for applying your own melting agents to surfaces, and tips on winter driving.

Keep this valuable tool from the KYTC handy. Who knows? It's only January. We're a long way away from the first signs of spring.


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