If you've come to this post thinking you found a hard news story, well, I'm sorry to say that you've come to the wrong place. You might have a good laugh at my misfortunate misstep though! 

How It All Started

When I pack, I have to triple-check everything. Whether it be for a fun day trip or for a two-week vacation, I keep an eye out for the tiniest thing I may or may not forget. It could end up being toothpaste or an extra pair of underwear, the usual.

On a day trip over the weekend (or recently), I forgot a very important piece of clothing that is crucial (but maybe not) for women, never mind, off to the local amusement park.

The Trouble Started When We Left the Waterpark

We spent a good amount of time in the other section of the park, the water park, which is what we normally do. We do the water park first, then change, and head into the main park to finish out the day. My sister and my niece went to change. By the way, there was a major disaster, I won’t elaborate, in the bathroom we all went to change in. The staff was swift and everything was good.

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Since I stayed behind and watched everyone’s belongings, I went to change last. I would have preferred to use one of the changing rooms but the bathroom was closer. That turned out to be the least of my worries.

I go in and there’s still some cleaning up but it’s all good to go. The floor was still being freshly mopped, so my plan was to keep my flip-flops on to change. I get my clothes on and I get everything put away in my backpack, however, there was something missing, my bra! Yes, I had neglected to pack a bra for my foray into the park. I mouthed to my sister my dilemma and she cracked up, but there was nothing to do.


The Biggest Issue with Not Wearing a Bra to an Amusement Park...

One advantage of losing all this weight I have is that my “girls” have shrunk, and honestly, there’s never been much to deal with in that area. We’re all different, so I wore a t-shirt that’s now a size or so too big and I didn’t panic, that is until the rides.

Here’s the thing, we only ended up riding two roller coasters, and that’s only because it was pretty crowded since a lot of kids are heading back to school this week. I don’t mind standing in lines for rides, but at a point, one line turns into many and closing time becomes a factor.

I was fine on the first coaster. It was when we boarded the older coaster, things-LOL took a turn, a drop, and a dip. I’m not one to hold my hands up on coasters, I hang on and this time, it’s all flying free. Now that I’m older, the wooden coasters are rougher on my body. It’s no excuse, the rides are still tons of fun, some of the best around.


I Might Have Given Myself a Black Eye

Yes, after the ride, a tinge of soreness started, but I’m better. My ego hurt more than anything physical. We all laughed and we will continue to laugh for a long time to come, but yep, I’m making that a quadruple-check the next time I set off on a trip.

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