I'm sure on any given day on America's roadways and interstates, there are some sights that are from the outer limits of thinking. A friend of mine caught one of those sights in Nashville. I can't even.
The North vs. The South
This is the pilot episode of the Differences Between North and South just in case you missed it last month! We will be filming the next installment about the Differences in the Weather so be looking for that video segment next Saturday!
A moment of menopause
Since hitting menopause in December I have seen, heard and was surprised by so many things associated with this hormonal disaster. One thing that bothers me is that women don’t talk about it almost like it is something we can control or be embarrassed about. Well, anyone who knows me knows I talk ab…
Free Willie- No Sing Song to Avoid Sing Sing
Willie Nelson doesn't have to sing "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" to resolve his most recent legal issues according to the associated press. Willie has had tremendous success over the years with hits like "Always On My Mind" and yes, an extensive co…