Question for you?  When do YOU put up your Christmas decorations?  While, I don't have an accurate count of hands or official pollsters working for me, I am going to guess that the majority of our folks here in the tristate prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving.  I mean, one holiday at a time, right?

Well, if you're Sabrina Vincent, the answer is a big, resounding, joyful, Hark-I Hear-the- Angels-Singing the word "No!"

Sabrina, who lives in Earlington, Kentucky, spent her Halloween checking that "one holiday at a time" mantra at the door of the North Pole.  Yes!  She spent Halloween decorating for Christmas.  Ya'll, let me say that again for the people in the back.  She decorated for Christmas on Hallow-freaking-een!   In fact, according to Sabrina's mom, Michelle, they actually started prepping on Saturday.

The night before Halloween, the dynamic (and crazy) mother-and-daughter duo were all up in the Hobby Lobby in Owensboro.  After shopping for Sabrina's new Christmas decorations, they then went trick-or-treating.  Makes perfect sense, right?  The next morning, Halloween was pretty much a memory and the sleigh bells were jingle-jingle-jingling toward December 25th.

In fact, Sabrina and Brandoncare very excited to be spending their first Christmas in their new home as a family with their two-month-old Asher. While trick-or-treaters were arriving at the door, Sabrina had on Christmas movies and was putting ornaments on the tree.  Her mom, Michelle, was greeting the little ghosts and goblins as they arrived in search of miniature candy bars, candy corn, and candy pumpkins.  And, yes!  She had a Christmas bow on her hand while handing it all out.  LOL!

Brandon, bless his heart, was trying to escape the madness of both holidays.  He was trapped in a sort of bizarre Halloween/Christmas hybrid and was just trying to watch and enjoy some football.  As Michelle explains, "It was chaos."

Well, that Halloween chaos eventually gave way to Christmas.  Take a look!

Earlington, Kentucky Woman Decorates for Christmas on Halloween

Sabrina Vincent, who lives in Earlington, Kentucky just couldn't wait to put up her Christmas decorations this year. So, she spent Halloween doing it! While other folks were entertaining trick-or-treaters, Sabrina was literally and figuratively decking the halls.

Happy Halloween!!  Or, should I say, two months in advance, Merry Christmas!


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