Have you heard of a puppy shower?  Apparently, it's the new thing when you get a puppy.  One Kentucky woman recently hosted one for her friend's new pup and the photos are adorable.


Everyone knows what a baby shower is right?  Well, a puppy shower is basically the same thing but for a puppy.  I feel like maybe I have been under a rock because I have never known anyone to host a puppy shower but I think it's completely fabulous and I mean...WHY NOT?!


My friend, Heather Montgomery, is the puppy planning guru.  She recently hosted a shower for her friend Diane's newest four-legged family member, Zoe Grace.  I asked Heather how she did it and this is what she told me;

Our friend, Diane Brancato just bought a pup. My friend, Monica and I threw her a shower at her house. We did it exactly like a baby shower. We had balloons Dog bone shaped pizza made by Y NOT pizza and wings We had puppy print plates and napkins Everyone bought the puppy or dog mom a gift Someone took notes so Diane could send thank you cards.

The ladies when as far as to make a guest list of strictly puppy lovers.


Heather even found a pizza place in Owensboro to make a bone-shaped pizza.  They ordered a few different ones to celebrate.  The pizzas came from Y Not Pizza & Wings on Hwy 60 here in Owensboro.  We've had their pizza and it's delicious.

SIDE NOTE:  If my doodles see this I am going to be in trouble.  They will expect to have a doodle shower just because they're high-maintenance.

Kentucky Woman Throws A Puppy Shower For Her Friend's New Pup & It's Adorable

Have you heard of a puppy shower? Apparently, it's the new thing when you get a puppy. One Kentucky woman recently hosted one and the photos are adorable.

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