The cynical side of me will say, "Man, there's a survey for EVERYTHING!" The non-cynical side of me (which will win here) says, "But, who cares?!? I love surveys!"

And I do.

So I've been poring over these surveys of the nation's favorite talk show hosts that also break it down state by state.

And in Kentucky, the overall winner is...JERRY SPRINGER!

(They apparently didn't ask me.)

Now, in sub-categories, I wish they'd expanded their selections further than just two.

For example, Springer also wins in the "Daytime Advisor" category. But his only competition is Dr. Phil.

In terms of female daytime hosts, it's Ellen vs. Oprah, with Ellen the big winner nationwide and in Kentucky.

In the category of "Political Hosts," it's Trevor Noah over John Oliver in the Commonwealth with Piers Morgan beating out James Corden for favorite British host.

(FWIW, I think Corden is MUCH funnier...well, actually, Morgan isn't funny at all.)

And, finally, with all the late-night hosts out there, only two were offered up for this survey--Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon was the big national winner and in Kentucky.

But MY favorite is Jimmy Kimmel.

Again, they didn't ask me. put this together and if you click that link I just gave you, you can see the complete breakdowns.


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