When it comes to mythical creatures (labeled as mythical, yes, even though there are those who SWEAR they've seen them), Kentucky has its fair share.

Of course, there's Bigfoot. But what state HASN'T had some kind of report about some kind of creature that very closely resembles the big guy?

There's the Sheepsquatch, which was featured on Destination America some years back.

And there's the Pope Lick Monster, which patrols and haunts a train trellis near Louisville.

And with all the reports I've seen and heard about the Pope Lick Monster, I would think that if ANY mythical creature was going to be named Kentucky's most famous, it would be that one.

But no.

No, the cryptid (an animal that has been claimed to exist even though no proof of its existence, well, exists) that's been tabbed as Kentucky's most famous is one I've never heard of.

Well, there's not just one.

The History Channel gives us some background and a lot of the story takes place in the Hopkinsville area and begins in 1955.

That's when several members of the Sutton family came to the Hopkinsville police station to report the terrifying occurrence of other-worldly visitors.

In fact, there were 11 people who claimed they saw these "little green men." And witnesses who were present believed that these 11 people were genuinely terrified of "something."

Here's more from KET:

So, yeah, the Kelly Little Green Men (named for Kelly, Kentucky where they were allegedly spotted) gets the nod as Kentucky's most famous mythical creatures.

But I say the Pope Lick Monster has an argument.

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