I forget how old Kentucky is from time to time. And I recently remembered that I forget that fact when I read that we live in one of the most haunted states in the United States. And why not?


Kentucky entered the union in 1792--two states shy of being one of the 13 original colonies; we check in at No. 15. But the Commonwealth was part of massive Virginia until that time, and communities (villages) had already been established, if not incorporated. When you're THAT old, you rack up enough history to BECOME one of the most haunted states in the country.


So what IS the oldest community/village/town/city in Kentucky? That would be Harrodsburg, which was founded in 1774 and became the first permanent settlement in Kentucky. Located in Mercer County, Harrodsburg is also the oldest permanent settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains, according to Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Bit of a Wander, the creator of this video, has already sold me; I love picturesque small towns and like meeting the people who inhabit them. But there really is so much more to do in and around Harrodsburg.

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When I was a kid, my family and I went on one of our many drives across Kentucky and landed at Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. Peaceful and relaxing, the Commonwealth's largest national historic site offers beautiful, rustic accommodations, amazing food, and, of course, a lot of history. Plus, Pleasant Hill is still an active, working farm.

If you venture back into town and visit Old Fort Harrod State Park, you'll see the replica of a historic old fort. From parks.ky.gov:

A full-scale replica of the fort built by James Harrod in 1774 is the centerpiece of Old Fort Harrod State Park in Harrodsburg, KY. Cabins and blockhouses are furnished with handmade utensils, furniture, crude tools and implements used by the pioneers. The park complex also features the historic Mansion Museum, George Rogers Clark Federal Monument, Lincoln Marriage Temple, and oldest cemetery west of the Alleghenies.

If it's history, quaint shopping, amazing food, and just...well, peace that you're looking for. Harrodsburg makes for a nice weekend getaway.

Kentucky has such a rich history and Harrodsburg has been there from the start.

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