A trip to an amusement park shouldn't be so arduous. Especially when it comes to carrying all the supplies you need for a successful visit. Let's see, we need sunscreen, maybe, water, and money for all the snacks, prize booths souvenirs, and tickets we need for other attractions.

Beginning in just a matter of weeks, Kings Island will be going cashless. So there's one less thing we need for fun.

So get those debit/credit cards ready. They will also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, which if memory serves, you can use your smartphone for those methods. Well, what if I forget my card? No problem, the park will have "Cash to Card" kiosks that will transfer cash into card-no fees- and get this, your card can be used anywhere, not just at the park.

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Like Dave Spencer, I've never been to Kings Island. I've only seen it from the interstate and I stayed at a hotel right outside of the park. I do know I always heard about The Beast roller coaster growing up, and here is their latest coaster, Orion.

When Kings Island reopened during the pandemic last year, visitors were required to go cashless only at the park's dining establishments. The park also announced this week, reservations for their Soak City Water Park will no longer be required.

If you think about it, cash tends to get sweaty during the dog days of summer, so I can see why cashless may be the way to go. And don't worry, all your cards will fit in that fanny pack.


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