We just never know what it will take for us to enjoy our proverbial "15 minutes of fame," do we? In the case of one University of Kentucky student, I doubt "enjoy" is the word she would use. Although she did seem to take it in stride.

The April 2nd, 2024 severe weather outbreak packed a tornadic punch across central Kentucky, parts of Indiana, and a large portion of Ohio. But the one image I probably saw more than most was from the campus of the University of Kentucky, and not just from local outlets.

When I first saw it, naturally I found it pretty alarming, and then I began seeing certain posts that indicated to me that the girl was okay. I mean, you don't post something like this without knowing the outcome was positive.

Forde's a basketball writer, hence the reference. By the way, I've been at the base of the Patterson Office Tower on a clear day and I was still moved around a bit by the pseudo-wind tunnel that was created by the layout of the area.

And in case you're wondering how we know the student is fine for the most part? She hopped up and went to class. (I hope someone found her some Neosporin.)

Whoever she is--I haven't seen a name released--she reminds me of those old Timex commercials with the immortal slogan, "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

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