WBKR's brand new Valentine's Day-inspired contest, Blind Date Escape, wrapped up Saturday morning at Escape Today in downtown Owensboro.  And it certainly lived up to the anticipation and billing.  We selected six singles and placed them inside an escape room and challenged them to get out.  While they worked together to solve the mysteries inside the room, an eager audience on WBKR's Facebook page tuned in to watch the events unfold live.  Together, we watched to determine which two contestants had the most chemistry and the potential makings of a couple.  Here's how the event played out on FB.  It was a blast and, as you'll see, many folks tuning in were hooked and couldn't step away.

When it was all said and done there was absolutely no doubt which two contestants captured the audience's imagination most.  Many folks watching believed that Shelby Powell and Kurt Burns had the potential for chemistry and connection.  As a matter of fact, it didn't take long for the two to earn the hilarious social media-appointed nickname #Kurby.

As winners of Blind Date Escape, Shelby and Kurt were escorted next door to Brew Bridge for their very first "blind" date.  Plus, each won a $250 gift card from Diamond Galleria in Evansville, plus another $50 gift card each for getting chosen to participate in the first place.

However, because response on social media was so positive and overwhelming and because the other possible couple combinations stood out, Barb and I invited the other couples to have a date at Brew Bridge too.

Here are some photos from the event and the dates that followed!

WBKR's Blind Date Escape

Earlier this morning, Shelby and Kurt both called in to chat with Angel and me about the experience and experiment!

Here's what Shelby had to say:

And here's how Kurt described the experience:

Blind Date Escape was proudly sponsored by Escape Today and Brew Bridge in downtown Owensboro and Diamond Galleria in Evansville.

By the way, Lindsey, Lori, Brett and Payton each went home with a $100 gift card from Diamond Galleria.  I mentioned that Shelby and Kurt each received $300 gift cards from Diamond Galleria for participating and winning.  In what was maybe the sweetest moment of the entire day and event, Kurt gave his date Shelby his $300 gift card.  An incredible first gift on an eventful and memorable first date.

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