You'd think I'd have a lot of memories of going to the drive-in when I was a kid, but you'd be wrong. I only remember seeing one movie at a drive-in theater back then. It was Blackbeard's Ghost, a Disney live-action movie during a heyday for live-action Disney.

It would be at LEAST 25 years before I would return to a drive-in movie theater where I've made far more frequent visits. Yep, the bulk of my memories are from adulthood. And that's perfectly fine. The bottom line is...there's NOTHING like watching movies outdoors.

Whether it's down at the RiverPark Center in Owensboro or on the side of a white wall at Belcourt Theater in Nashville (I'm not sure they still do that, though), bring it on.

Free Summer Movies at This Kentucky Amphitheater the super cool, historic Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville.

I've never been, but that might need to change. The popular venue is hardly a one-trick pony, hosting concerts, plays, and now some classic movies that are perfect for  summertime viewing.

What the Iroquois Amphitheater Has in Store for Summer 2023

The Free Summer Movie Season began Wednesday night with the 1978 blockbuster Grease, but there are 11 more that are sure to draw crowds. Here are some highlights:

The Muppet Movie -- July 5th

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome -- August 9th

Goldfinger -- August 31st

Godzilla -- September 20th

The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- September 27th

As you can see, there's one reserved for FALL and it makes sense. It's the last one and the one closest to Halloween. And Rocky Horror just works better in the fall.

Also this...Goldfinger--one of many iconic James Bond titles--was partially filmed in Kentucky. Maybe that's why it was chosen. Or maybe it was chosen because it's just great fun and perfect for something like the legendary Iroquois Amphitheater.

For a complete list of the amphitheater's free movies this summer, visit

[SOURCE:  WDRB-Louisville]

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