Have you ever visited Seville, Spain? What about Brisbane, Australia? Maybe the islands of Scotland? No? Well, if you plan to become a world traveler in 2024, those three locales join 12 others on a list of the best places to visit next year.

The 15 Best Places to Visit in 2024

There ARE destinations closer to home that made the cut. Glendale AZ, a suburb of Phoenix, is among them. It wouldn't be a bad choice in 2024 after the first ever Mattel Adventure Park is finished.

From there, it's an easy flight to beautiful Santa Fe NM, another entry and one I can recommend wholeheartedly.

There are four other places in the U.S. that made it onto Frommer's list of the 15 best places to visit in 2024. They include the island of Maui in Hawaii, Utqiagvik AK (yes, that IS a town name, even if it does look like what happens when you pass out on your keyboard), and Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho.

Kentucky Is Among the Most Desirable 2024 Destinations

But wait, there's one more, and it's our very own Commonwealth of Kentucky. And WHY does Frommer's--an online travel guide--so highly recommend the Bluegrass State? Well, most of the reasons given in Kentucky's section revolve around our bourbon industry and the Bourbon Trail. But there are a couple of huge events next year that put us over the top in the eyes of Frommer's editors.

Yes, it won't be just any old Kentucky Derby in 2024; May 4th will mark the 150th Run for the Roses. Expect lots and lots of celebrities--likely more than we're used to seeing--and LOTS of mint juleps.

Also, the PGA Championship--one of the most prestigious and significant professional golf events--will return to Valhalla in 2024.

Add to all that a couple of swank hotels, and you'll know why Frommer's has Kentucky on a rather exclusive list of key destinations in the coming year. Plus, because of all the good bourbon, it refers to the Commonwealth as the "Napa Valley of the Heartland."

I love that. Quick...somebody make a t-shirt.

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