A few years back, I visited Bass Pro Shops in Clarksville IN. It's right across the river from Louisville, so I needed the services of the Interstate 65 bridge. That won't happen again.

First of all, the bridge gives me the heebie jeebies but not because it's a bridge; I do not suffer from gephyrophobia. (Good thing, too; who wants to remember THAT alphabet smorgasbord?) No, it's the heavy traffic. It's ALWAYS heavy, and it's always RELENTLESS. And then, something like THIS happens and, well, just forget it:

Let's just say my desires to visit that Bass Pro have diminished greatly.

But it's not just the crazy traffic; it's the toll. No, it doesn't break you financially, but it can be a pain in the butt to get it paid; a good friend of mine went through the MILL after getting a bill from RiverLink and then jumping through expert-level hoops to get it taken care of. She ended up having to go through the Department of Transportation to pay FOUR DOLLARS. That's what a one-way trip across the bridge costs. Again, hardly prohibitive.

How to Sign Up for a RiverLink Account

However, as I've described, it can be a hassle getting the bill paid, and nobody wants a ding on their credit--well, EVER, I guess--but especially over a paltry fee like a bridge toll. So here's what I recommend you do, just in case. It could save time and frustration later. I suggest you open a RiverLink account, even if you seldom ever utilize that bridge.

When you get the bill, you'll receive an image of your car and your license plate. And if you're like me, you'll wonder how whatever it was got that last one. Well, HERE'S how.


Again, you might need that I-65 bridge at some point, and you WILL get billed for traveling on it. If you act now, you will not be confronted with annoyance down the road.

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