I was asked earlier if the enormous claps of thunder overnight woke me like they did so many folks who also mentioned their homes even rattled. Not surprisingly, I was not awakened. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper. I even missed out on a minor earthquake several years ago because I was snoozing.

Hey, not waking up in the middle of the night is fine with me. Plus, there was plenty of evidence of what had happened in the wee hours when I did get up this morning. However, what I did not see--but I might later--were rainbows that many across central and north-central Kentucky DID see early Friday morning. WKYT-Lexington hopped on it first thing and solicited rainbow images from their social media audience, and that audience did not disappoint. Check out this extraordi

Keep in mind, most of us NEVER see a full rainbow, in case you think that's what that is. A full one is a whole circle. Still, I never feel slighted because I don't. That's a gorgeous image.

Sean Collins of Florence KY got a double shot of splendor at the end of his shift this morning. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.

Now take a look at this one. Here's another complete half-rainbow, but this was taken down around Somerset. I'm telling you, Kentucky was getting it's Wizard of Oz on this morning.

Even the steeds at Kentucky Horse Park got in on the action this morning.

And in Versailles KY, could that structure have BEEN in a better position. That beautiful rainbow sort of frames it, doesn't it?

From where I'm sitting right now, I can only see clouds out my office window. But there is some light on the southern horizon. Maybe I'll get my shot at a cool rainbow image, after all.

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