Earlier today, we were talking about Thanksgiving being the only holiday that's really just about a big meal, and, of course, that's all about being thankful for our bounty.

It's a time when you get to see family members you may not see at any other time during the year, and that can be fun. But what if you're hosting? That seriously curbs your ability to enjoy the holiday the way everyone else in your house will be. That's why Thanksgiving dinners OUTSIDE the home have been offered for several decades, now. I'm not only talking about the many restaurants that offer big Turkey Day meals; I'm also talking about state parks.

Kentucky State Parks' Thanksgiving Feasts

I've always thought it sounded like fun to visit one of Kentucky's state parks in order to "taste the difference." I mean, it's not like I'm going to get anything exotic; it's Thanksgiving, and I don't want exotic.

As is their tradition, Kentucky's state parks will be serving scrumptious feasts on Thanksgiving Day, which falls on November 23rd this year. And the menus will feature--at least--the following items.

Kentucky State Parks
Kentucky State Parks

I say "at least" because the state parks' website indicates the "chef's choice" items will likely vary by park. Who doesn't like delectable surprises?

And, by the way, only Kenlake State Resort Park will not be serving Thanksgiving dinner this year. Additionally, Buckhorn State Resort Park will offer reduced pricing but also a reduced menu.

While Kentucky State Parks welcome everyone year-round, Thanksgiving feasts are by reservation only, so get hoppin', and Happy Turkey Day.

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