Move over Buc-ee's, you've got a Wawa on your tail. But don't worry; you don't have to shake it off. You're not in competition.

And I believe that's true. I'm not sure there are many things that have generated as much excitement over the last couple of years as the news that Buc-ee's travel convenience stores are moving into Kentucky. And one already has in Richmond. On a personal note, I was happy to learn that I'm not alone in being excited about travel convenience. Bring your Pilot, your Love's, and now your Buc-ee's (which I've yet to visit). I'm here for all of it. And so are a lot of other folks.

Those are merely TWO of seemingly a gazillion posts from folks who stop at Buc-ee's. I see them all the time. It almost feels like a rite of passage.

Look Out Buc-ee's...Wawa Is Joining You in Kentucky

And so, THAT is the challenge for become that convenience store where travelers can't wait to stop and grab a snack (or a LOT of them) and a photo op. Or maybe Wawa is already there.

We Know Where at Least One Kentucky Wawa Will Be

Alrighty then, social media warriors, you better get your fingers warmed up because we now know where at least ONE Wawa will be located in Kentucky, and it's a smart move. That Elizabethtown hub were Interstate 65, the Western Kentucky Parkway, and the Bluegrass Parkway all come together is a perfect location. You'll have to take an exit that gets you to the Ring Road/Shepherdsville Road intersection, but it's not far, and I doubt motorists looking forward to their first Wawa experience will mind at all.

The Excitement of a Wawa Opening

You know, I may have to take that back. It looks like Wawa HAS caught up with Buc-ee's, in terms of generating excitement. This groundbreaking in Alabama drew a big crowd--rows of chairs and all.

Okay, so I now KNOW I was wrong. The Pennsylvania-based company seems to have a cult following:

So, what do you say, Elizabethtown? Are you ready for the Wawa onslaught? Well, I guess you DO have a little time; approval for a development plan and commercial design just happened Tuesday night.

But when Wawa DOES open, Lord, the traffic. These places are no longer just what you happen upon while traveling; they've become destinations.

So get your chili dogs, pretzels, and peach lemonade ready. The line might start forming before you know it.

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