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Lady Antebellum's desperate love songs and wild, carefree romps of the heart make up most of the 10 songs included on this list of the trio's all-time greatest hits.

Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott debuted in 2007 with "Love Don't Live Here," but really caught their stride with their third single "I Run to You." From there, it was Grammys, CMAs and headlining tours, plus more albums full of hits! Are these their best songs?

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    "Dancin' Away With My Heart"

    From 'Own the Night' (2011)

    The third single from Own the Night peaked inside the Top 5 while going gold for 500,000 singles sold. The soft love song finds Kelley and Scott trading vocals like they do on so many of Lady A's finest songs. It's a great moment for new lovers to celebrate.

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    "Our Kind of Love"

    From "Need You Now' (2010)

    "Our Kind of Love" is the only one of these 10 songs to not be certified gold or platinum, but it was a chart-topper for the trio in 2010. The third single from what is arguably their finest album is an uptempo love song. Kelley's playful delivery wraps around Scott's sexier style to create quite the compelling cut.

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    "Lookin' for a Good Time"

    From 'Lady Antebellum' (2008)

    Early Lady Antebellum used heavier guitars than they would on later albums. "Lookin' for a Good Time" is a country rocker, but not in the same way as songs would shape the sub-genre in years to come. This second single from their self-titled debut album would help the collection sell more than two million copies. It's still one of their best live songs.

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    "I Run to You"

    From 'Lady Antebellum' (2009)

    "Lookin' for a Good Time" and "Love Don't Live Here" made a first impression, but it was "I Run to You" that catapulted Lady A to new levels and set the stage for their biggest hit to date. This final single from Lady Antebellum went double-platinum and hit the top of the charts while enjoying crossover success. It was a love ballad that sounded nothing like others that came before it. Their unique sound had begun to find its place by mid-2009.

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    "You Look Good"

    From 'Heart Break' (2017)

    After a hiatus, Lady Antebellum returned with new energy and horns. "You Look Good" was the feel-good song of 2017, with vocalist Hillary Scott matching Charles Kelley's energy. The vibrant lead single from Heart Break was a Top 5 country hit on its way to earning a Grammy nomination. It was also a big reason this album earned some Grammy attention, in addition to a CMA nod for Album of the Year.

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    "Love Don't Live Here"

    From 'Lady Antebellum' (2008)

    When "Love Don't Live Here" was released as Lady Antebellum's debut single in 2007, fans immediately knew they were hearing something different. It took a little time to embrace this new sound, but only because it was such a deviation on the style groups like Rascal Flatts had relied on for a decade. Kelley would take lead with Scott only harmonizing, but there was a great energy and tension between the two that made them a very compelling couple to watch.

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    "Just a Kiss"

    From 'Own the Night' (2011)

    The most commercially successful Lady Antebellum songs rely on Scott and Kelley to tell opposite sides of the same story, almost as if they were the two lovers quarreling or pining for one another. The double-platinum "Just a Kiss" uses this formula, but adds a hopeful twist to the story. It reached No. 1 in early 2011 and kicked off the Own the Night album.

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    "American Honey"

    From 'Need You Now' (2010)

    Following "Need You Now" is not an easy task, but "American Honey" managed to top the charts while selling a million singles in early 2010. The lyrics to this song paint a brilliant picture of youth and innocence, taking the group into unexplored territory. It was a beautiful way to ease off the intensity pedal after "Need You Now," done in a way that feels like anything but a letdown.

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    From 'Golden' (2013)

    It's hard to find a Lady Antebellum song that's more fun than "Downtown," the first single from Golden in 2013. Hillary Scott shared a new confidence with this one, portraying a take-charge attitude rarely seen from her during other songs from the hot trio. Fans and radio ate it up to make it another platinum-selling No. 1 single.

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    "Need You Now"

    From 'Need You Now' (2010)

    Duh — the top Lady Antebellum song is a no-brainer. "Need You Now" is a once-in-a-career song. In addition to being a big country hit, it crossed over to pop and AC radio and sold more than six million singles while picking up more awards than each member could carry.

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