A few weeks ago, when Moon, Chad, and myself were planning the new Saturday morning countdown The BKR's Dozen, I mentioned that I was born to do countdowns. As luck would have it, the two acts at the top of Saturday's Legendary Live line-up--Montgomery Gentry and Rodney Atkins--each have five number one songs. So, here we go: The Top Ten of the Top Two! (Tiebreakers determined by length of stay on the chart.)

# 10 - "Back When I Knew It All" by Montgomery Gentry

Written by Gary Hannon, Phil O'Donnell, and Trent Willmon, "Back When" spent two weeks on top beginning July 12, 2008 and spent 22 weeks on the Billboard chart.

#9 - "If You Ever Stop Loving Me" by Montgomery Gentry

The Kentucky duo's first chart topper, written by Bob DiPiero, Rivers Rutherford, and Tom Shapiro spent its only week at # 1 on July 3, 2004. It stayed on the chart for 25 weeks.

#8 - "These Are My People" by Rodney Atkins

Rodney's third straight #1 was written by Dave Berg and Rivers Rutherford. It spent its lone week on top September 8, 2007. It was on the country chart for 27 weeks.

#6 (TIE) - "Lucky Man" by Montgomery Gentry

A rare ballad by Eddie and Troy, "Lucky Man"--written by the duo with Rivers Rutherford and Mark Wright--was yet another summer chart topper spending two weeks at the pinnacle beginning July 7, 2007. It totalled 25 weeks on the country chart.

#6 (TIE) - "Roll with Me" by Montgomery Gentry

Remember what I said about "rare ballad?" Well, I guess it wasn't that rare. This one's a ballad too (and my personal favorite by the guys). "Roll with Me" was written by Clint Daniels and Tommy Karlas and spent the last two weeks of 2008 at #1. It ultimately racked up 25 weeks on the country chart.

#4 (TIE) - "It's America" by Rodney Atkins

When Rodney performed this smash on the 2008 CMA Awards, I said out loud "That's a #1 song." Sure enough, the tune--by Brett James and Angelo Petraglia--spent two weeks at the top beginning May 2, 2009. It finished up a 6-month chart run on May 23rd of that year.

#4 (TIE) - "Something to Be Proud Of" by Montgomery Gentry

Eddie and Troy had their biggest hit with this one. Written by Jeffrey Steele and Chris Wallin, "Something" began its two-week stay at #1 on October 8, 2005 and spent 26 weeks on the country chart.

This tongue-in-cheek hit--written by Casey Beathard and Marla Cannon-Goodman--reached # 1 on March 1, 2008 where it stayed for two weeks. More than a month later, it wrapped up a 28-week chart run.

#2 - "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins

It's one of the all-time biggest Father's Day requests. And it was a pretty big hit, too. Rodney co-wrote it with Steve Dean and Brian Gene White and watched (no pun intended--well, maybe a little) as it began an incredible 4-week run at the top on January 27, 2007. It would go on to spend 27 weeks on the country chart.

#1 - "If You're Goin' Through Hell" by Rodney Atkins

The official title is "If You're Goin' Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows)" and it became Rodney's very first #1 song on August 12, 2006. And to date, it's his biggest hit. The song was written by Sam Tate, Annie Tate, and Dave Berg. And, while it also spent 4 weeks at the peak, it wins the race by virtue of longevity. "Goin' Thru Hell" stay on the country chart for more than a month after it left the top. All tolled, it enjoyed an astounding 38-week chart run.

You'll hear all these great songs plus terrific music from WBKR's Jaclyn Graves, the LoCash Cowboys, Brett Eldredge, Jason Michael Carroll, and Kellie Pickler Saturday at Legendary Live at Rivermont Park in downtown Owensboro. The concert starts at noon. Enjoy the show!

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