bkr's dozen

Jaclyn’s Hottie Of The Week
If you've listened to our BKR's Dozen countdown Saturday mornings then you are familiar with my Hottie Of The Week. Chad and Dave count down the top ten songs of the week and Moon has his Sloppy Seconds and I have a Hottie! (I know, I have a hottie? Don't act shocked! Haha!) This week my hottie is a double hottie, yep.. musically and in real life!
Legendary Live: The Top Ten by the Top Two
A few weeks ago, when Moon, Chad, and myself were planning the new Saturday morning countdown The BKR's Dozen, I mentioned that I was born to do countdowns. As luck would have it, the two acts at the top of Saturday's Legendary Live line-up--Montgomery Gentry and Rodney Atkins--each have five number one songs. So, here we go: The Top Ten of the Top Two! (Tiebreakers determined by length of stay on