I gotta be honest, this is tough. I'm writing this through tears. We've lost one of the greatest musicians we'll ever know. Music legend John Prine has died at the age of 73.

You won't find a much better songwriter than Prine, but you could give it a try, I guess.

I had the great good fortune of getting to meet him several years ago at one of the Everly Brothers Homecoming Festivals that used to be held in the 90s and early 2000s in Central City.

He was just sitting backstage tuning or just quietly strumming his guitar and I walked up, not wanting to disturb him at all. He stopped and said hi and introduced himself, which I thought was funny.

But a humble man doesn't assume you know him.

Prine had been hospitalized after being diagnosed with COVID -19 and, according to Rolling Stone, it was complications of the novel coronavirus that led to his death.

My five favorite John Prine songs, in no particular order:


"Speed of the Sound of Loneliness"

"Angel from Montgomery"

"Dear Abby"

"In Spite of Ourselves"


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